Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Last Sunday at Youth Group

Every month or so we will be doing something special and different together as a youth group.  The purpose is three-fold:
1.  To break routine (getting in a rut is not good)
2.  Provide opportunity for our students to bring friends who might not normally be willing to a attend youth group worship gathering.
3.  Fellowship - an opportunity for students and leaders to build friendships.

Plus doing something like this during our usual meeting time simplifies life for families because it doesn't require another night out from home for already over schedules, slam packed calendar families.

Last Sunday night we met at the Bowling Center rather than in The Loft.  We accomplished all three of the above purposes.  We definitely broke from routine.  We had at least 5 students there who had never had been to youth group with us before.  We had an adult leader on just about every lane with a group of students.  From what I hear from both students and leaders the night was a great success!!  Everyone had a great time.  We are praying that some of our guests will join us this coming Sunday night for youth group in The Loft to learn about how God views them (studying Gideon).

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