Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Chocolate Whipped Cream Shooters

Sunday night at youth of Nags Head Church in The Loft:

We launched our first in our series Ancient Alive.  This will be a several week series looking at people in the Old Testament and learning from their lives.

We kicked it off this week with Noah, Genesis 5,6,7.  Did you know it wasn't until 1858 that a boat bigger than the ark was built?

What did we learn from Noah?
There are things we allow in our lives that stop us from doing what God wants us to do.  Noah didn't have that problem.  He took on an incredible task, lots of ridicule and probably some pretty weird looks.  Noah was close to God, he was a "preacher of righteousness" in a world that was evil.  Noah was different than everyone else in his culture and world. 

You and I should:
  • Strive to be Righteous.  Put out the effort to grow in our faith and spend time with God on a daily basis.
  • Trust God.  He is the architect of our lives.
  • It's worth it - to follow God.  Not always easy, it's counter-cultural but worth it in the end.
  • Always remember that God keeps his promises.
Students then broke up into their PODz and discussed this lesson and prayed together.

Organic stuffs - we keep hearing this word "organic" around the church this year.  We want things to happen as a result of the church taking their ideas and running with them and not waiting on the elders to come up with everything or provide everything.  So we had an "organic" idea Sunday night.  Some of our high school girls, in their POD, decided they would like to do a church-wide prayer time for Tricia.  Tricia is my niece and is a partner at NHC and is awaiting a second double lung transplant.  So  we will have a prayer gathering for Tricia between our two service on Sunday morning.  I'm greatly encouraged that this came from the minds and hearts of teens in the youth group.  God is at work!

We had some new guests with us again on Sunday!  We have had many guests over the past several weeks.  I'm excited to see new students being introduced to the youth group and to worship with those students.

Hang Time was it's usual fun.  Lots of games and just hanging out and laughter.  I love to hear the laughter.  We had some milk we had to finish off from the coffee bar which led to making a few caramel lattes and caramel hot chocolates being given away.  Next thing I knew we had students lined up.  I would shoot whipped cream into their mouth and then Rich followed behind me and squirted chocolate syrup on top of the whipped cream.  Little did I know that these chocolate whipped cream shooters would be such a hit.  Have you ever laughed with a mouth full of whipped cream?

This coming Sunday our youth group will gather at the Bowling Center for a fun night of hanging out and bowling.

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