Monday, April 23, 2012

The Ultimate Team Leader (Part 2)

(read part 1 here)

Team leaders should give clear instructions. 
Jesus tells the disciple what to do next.  The problem is identified - hungry people.  The team is stretched - testing Philip.  The solution is discovered - Andrew’s crazy idea.  Now comes the step that the leader steps in and gives instruction as to what should take place next.  Jesus has the disciples go around and get the crowd of thousands to sit down on the grassy slopes.  Jesus doesn’t reveal every step of the plan to his disciples, he simply lets them know what to do next.  Perhaps through giving one step at a time Jesus is teaching his team to trust.

Team leaders should recognize the source of their team’s provision.
We don’t know if Jesus praised the little boy for being the only smart person in a crowd of thousands who is prepared.  We don’t know if Jesus shouted, “Brilliant idea Andrew!”.  We do know that Jesus took the time to give God thanks for His provision.  A good team leader is quick to point out to the team that the team’s success hinges on their trusting God and including God in on their team’s efforts and plans.

Team leaders should know how to delegate.
Jesus then asks the disciples to pick up the leftovers.  He does two things in this request:  Gives the team opportunity to experience God’s incredible blessing and provision in a hands on way.  He also recognizes the importance that everyone on the team serve together.

Sometimes as leaders we take on too much and then our team misses out on opportunity to use their gifts and talents.  I have found on many occasions that I was doing a task that someone else on the team could do and probably do better than I could.  When we delegate we allow others to serve and we can focus on what we are good at or what only we can do for the team.

Another interesting aspect in Jesus delegating is that he didn’t just throw out the command to the team.  Jesus clarified the purpose to the task he was asking them to do, “so that nothing is wasted”.  In delegation it is wise to let the team know the “why” behind the task that they have been asked to do.

So when your team comes up to a problem or an issue that needs solving make sure you follow the example of the ultimate leader.
> Address the Problem
> Look for opportunities to test the team
> Give clear instructions
> Recognize God’s provision
> Delegate with purpose

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