Monday, June 8, 2009

Last NIght at Contagious

Each summer we move our weekly youth group meeting to the beach.  Last night was our first youth group on the beach for this year.  We had a whole bunch of students come to Contagious on the beach last night.  We turned Seth, the master griller, loose on the new grill last night.  We consumed 60 hot dogs and chef Seth says we will need more than 60 dogs next week.  

Students spent Hang Time playing volleyball, tossing a football and swimming in the ocean.  A few went surfing with Mike, one of our family group leaders.  Waves were good, ocean temp was in the low 70's.  

We wrapped up our study on stress.  For the past several weeks we have been studying the life of Abraham and how he handled stressful events in his life.  Last night we looked at the stress that comes from loss as we studied how Abraham handled the loss of his wife, Sarah, his companion for a long time, his friend, in a land where he had no home but lived in a tent and had no property to give Sarah a proper burial.  You can read more about this in Genesis 23

The Parent Pod had several parents hanging out together.  Over the summer the Parent Pod will be visited by each of our pastors and our worship leader, Nate, as they share how parents can help students learn the purpose God has for us as followers of Christ.

It was a beautiful evening on the beach.  I'm already looking forward to next week as we reach even more students to discover life in Christ!  Maybe we will get some pics to post next week.


ZazFamily said...

water temp in the low 70's that's bathtub temp on the west coast.try55-60 in our ocean. Glad God took care of you all.

ladybug said...

don't forget corn hole

Andy Lawrenson said...

Cornhole rocks!

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