Friday, February 24, 2017

The Secret to Recruiting Volunteers

My latest blog post for LeaderTreks

The struggle is real when it comes to recruiting youth ministry volunteers. At some point, most of us have felt like we’ve tried everything only to have nothing work.
Our list of frustrations looks something like this:
  • I’ve asked, and no one has expressed interest.
  • Everyone is too busy to volunteer their time to work with students.
  • Our church just isn’t excited about what’s happening in the youth ministry.
  • We don’t have any young people in our congregation who can handle our energetic students.
  • With all that’s on my plate, I don’t have time to recruit volunteers.
In spite of what these frustrations would lead us to believe, “solo youth ministry” is not the only option. Here are five suggestions to help grow your volunteer team and further your ministry’s impact:

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