Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Taming the Raptors

This meme is going around Facebook.  It is a little funny, especially if you work with middle school boys.  BUT if this is you then you need help . . . . fast. 

Volunteers - Even in 2015 we still have youth ministers trying to go at it alone.  We cannot effectively minister to students alone, even if our youth group consists of 3 students, we need help and students need more than one adult investing into their lives at church. 

Atmosphere - Does your youth group have rules?  Is it a free for all?  We have "things we agree on" like "no wrestling", "no jumping off furniture", "no making out", etc.  Is the environment you've created amp students up beyond excitement and into the out of control zone.  Monster spiked Kool Aid is probably not such a great idea right before youth group.

Set the Example - I have been to the youth groups where the students all sit in the chairs in front of the youth pastor and the volunteers all line up against the back and side walls like school dance chaperones.  Our team members need to sit in and amongst the students.  This gives opportunity for the adults to set the example and teach students what worship looks like.  This also places students close by which tends to help in crowd control.

The Talk - If the volunteers are doing their job the youth pastor shouldn't have to call a student down during the message.  If a student is a distraction and it seems to happen frequently with him then it is probably time to sit down together and have a chat and explain the importance of what is going on in youth worship and the goal to reach lost students and how the student can help those around them to hear about Christ's love.

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