Thursday, December 3, 2015

Great Blog Post about Games

Following up on my 3 posts about family church vs. student ministry this is a good blog post.  Often the anti-student ministry crowd points to "just play games" at youth group as one of their defenses for their belief that student ministry is unbiblical and unhealthy. 

About a month and a half ago a young lady, 12 years old, in our community was at an FCA dodgeball event.  At this event she put her faith in Jesus Christ.  The following month she was very active in a local youth group.  Two weeks ago she was riding her bike and was struck by a car.  A terrible tragedy in our community.  Last week she passed away.  She put her faith in Jesus Christ at an event centered around dodgeball!  Don't write off games in student ministry.

Check out this great blog post about games in youth ministry from Dan Colwin.

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