Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Sunday Night in The Loft

Baggage was our topic Sunday night.  We promoted the night as an outreach night with the specific goal of sharing the gospel.  We had a few visitors and we had some decisions made that night, one to follow Christ and several to give their "baggage" to God.

The line up:
Random Fact Countdown (DYM)
Game - Boxes (loads of fun)
Song - Chasing
Song - 10,000 Reasons
Message - "How do you deal with baggage?"  Matthew 11:28-30.
  • Come to Jesus
  • Make the Exchange
  • Team up with Jesus
We then showed a video by the Skit Guys about baggage.  Awesome video, really drove home the point, even heard back that some students were talking about the video on their ride home.

Gave students the opportunity to take some next steps:  (we use a communication card for this)
Trust Jesus as Savior (we had one make that step!!)
Give your baggage to God (several took this step!)
Invite ______________ to youth group next week (several wrote in friend's names!)

Closing Song/Offering - Inside Out

During Hang time we had waffles.  Waffled mac n cheese, waffle pizza, waffle cinnamon buns, waffle corn dogs, waffle quesadillas, waffle tater tots, waffles with chicken nuggets, regular waffles, Belgian waffles, lots of toppings, whip cream, fruit, etc.  The waffle night was a smashing success!

I have been making instagram photos (see above) each week and shooting them out there a few times per week, I usually make a couple different ones for each week, only takes about 5 minutes to do.  Great way to promote your students ministry happenings.
Waffle Pizza

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