Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Last Sunday in The Loft

Last Sunday we "upgraded" our worship experience a bit in The Loft.

First we added in some music using some song videos from   The videos were great and the students really connected and were singing loud enough for me to hear in the back of the room over the music and sub woofers (which were thumpin).

We also added a piece, a student work booklet, this booklet tied in with their discussion time in their POD's and also had room for notes from the message.  I also tagged on a some info about The Call which is coming soon.  Students used this booklet as a guide during their discussion.  A great tool and our POD leaders were glad that the students had something in their hand.

The final piece was my message which I kept at about 15 minutes, including a video clip, to allow the POD's to have time to complete their discussion time.  God pursues us because he is a personal God, Buddah ain't that.  He also pursues us because he created us.  He also doesn't need us but wants us.  Great time together learning more about God and laying a foundation for our faith.

The video clip I used was The Prodigal from The Skit Guys.  Everything these guys put out is top notch!  Find them here.

Here was the line up:
Party Lama Countdown
Knowledge Video
Song - Grace is enough
Song - Oceans
Song - 10,000 Reasons
Message - The Hound of Heaven
POD discussion

We also sent every student home with a The Call info card and event envelope so they can sign up for the event.

Check out LeaderTreks Deep Discipleship!  Awesome stuff!!

During Hang Time we consumed pizza from Slice Pizza, our official Pizza sponsor.

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