Monday, March 3, 2014

Last Night in The Loft

Last night we launched our current series, Dating 101.  We hit the main points last night of:
  • Dating doesn't give you value.  God gives you value.
  • Know who you are before dating.
  • Changing who God made you to be in order to date someone isn't a good thing.
  • Every Date is a Potential Mate.  You will marry someone you date so why date someone you wouldn't marry?
  • Most of you aren't mature enough to date.
We worshipped in song before our message.  It was great to hear the students singing.

Great bunch of students had a great bunch of fun.  Basketball, video games, puzzles, foosball, ping pong and just hanging out together during hang time.  4 bags of chips a couple of cakes and 2 gallons of lemonade magically disappeared. 

During hang time I looked for a few students to sit with  and talk about school and find out how life is going with them.

This weekend we have our annual Youth Ministry Team retreat.  I'm looking forward to that time together for training and some challenging sessions as well.  Mostly I'm looking forward to hanging out with the volunteers who serve with me week after week investing in students' lives.  We will converge on a vacation rental house, cook together, eat together, play some games, do some training.

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