Monday, October 21, 2013

Another Student Knows Christ

Last night at Contagious Youth . . . .

Nate led worship in music along with the help of two of our students.  It's great to see students jumping in on serving.  We have students greeting the students when they arrive, setting out the food, taking care of Instagram account, taking care of the tech stuffs, making sure we keep our Compassion International child on the front of our minds.  Much of this ministry stuff has happened organically.

Ramon shared the message, the 4th in our current series about the future.  During the message Ramon clearly explained the gospel.  The opportunity was given for anyone who wanted to put their faith in Jesus Christ and we had a young man take that step!  Not only that but he was very excited and also expressed a desire to follow Jesus in baptism.  We gave him a new Bible and a copy of New.

I'm praying we see this happen more and more and that our students catch on to sharing their faith with their friends.  We taught last year on this but I feel a "refresher" message coming soon.

God is at work in Nags Head Church and last night's salvation decision is evidence.

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