Monday, February 25, 2013

Next Level

Last night in The Loft with the Youth of NHC:

We are trying out a new cycle.  The cycle is 4 weeks of a teaching series with small groups, an outreach night (last week was grilled cheese bar night), then a night of extended worship in music and a message geared to look more like a youth "church service".

Last night was the Next Level.  Our first worship gathering in our new cycle.  The night looked like this:
Reading of Psalm 95:1 by a student
Song - Chasing (all songs were led by students)
Video - The Skit Guys - watch video below
Song - Love the Lord your God
Song - Inside Out
Message - "What does following Jesus mean to me?"  Matthew 10:37-39
     If I'm following Jesus I'm:
     Living a life of loving Jesus above all else
     Living a life of Obedience
     Living a life of Surrender
Song - I will Follow
Take home challenge -
1.  Follow for Real - no more games
2.  5 Friends you are praying for to come to know Christ (we gave out cards for them to write the names of their 5 friends who need a relationship with God through Jesus Christ and then challenged them to place them in a place that will remind them to pray daily)

Next Level was followed by a great Hang Time.  2 packages of chips ahoy cookies, 4 sleeves of Oreos, 5 bags of chips, one container of french onion dip and 2 gallons of our world famous red Kool Aid were consumed.   Ping Pong table got a work out as did the foosball table.  The sofas were full of students and leaders engaging in conversation.  Table games were being played.  The room was full of music and laughter. 

Most importantly we had several guests and a middle school student shared with his leader, "My heart breaks for my friends".  An awesome youth group gathering last night.

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