Monday, November 19, 2012


Last night we had another great night in The Loft.  Students gathered and hung out for a few minutes at the beginning.  It's always cool for me to watch students and our adult team sitting and talking and hanging out.  That's youth ministry!
We then gathered everyone around for a fun game of Worm Crawl.  Students got in sleeping bags head first and had to crawl like a worm to the finish line.  The first one to cross the finish line won.  We gave away some Burger King gift cards and the grand champion received a gift bag which contained: Sugar Babies, Whoppers, Huge Twizzlers, Beef Jerky, Sour Cream and Garlic potato chips and a 2 liter of Mtn. Dew.

We then had our Bible Study.  Last night was week #2 in our series "How to Pray".  Last week we talked about approaching God as our Dad, our Abba Father.  This week we took a look at giving God glory and expressing to Him what he means to us, "hallowed by thy name".  Jesus started off this prayer all about God and not about self.  Too often we get wrapped up in prayer being all about us.  My favorite statement in the lesson was this:
God’s Plan: for Him to be glorified, but for us to be satisfied
Jesus said, "Thy will be done" and he also said, "Give us this day our daily bread."  While prayer should focus on God our Father, He also wants to meet our needs.  

Our Pods got in their groups and spent some time putting the lesson into practice by praying and praising God for who he is.
We then had an hour of Hang Time which included the usual snacks and fun games and hanging out and talking.

This Sunday we will take a break from How to Pray and spend some time sitting around a firepit making SMORES and sharing what we are thankful for in life.

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