Friday, June 15, 2012


Today I celebrate 23 years of marriage with my wife!  She is my biggest supporter and encourager and an example of a godly woman.  I'm soooooo glad I met her at college many years ago.  I stalked her and wooed her with my charms and manly ways (not to mention muscular build).  My plan at college was to find the most beautiful girl and take her on a date.  It worked!  We've been dating ever since.

As youth leaders we must protect our marriages and model to students what a healthy marriage looks like since probably half don't get to see this at home.

Youth Ministers:
  • Take time together with your spouse. 
  • Vacation (or in this economy "staycation) at least once a year.
  • Balance your time at home.
  • Allow your youth pastor to be flexible with his time.  If he was out all night at ball games don't freak out if he's not at the office at 9AM.  
  • Understand that if your youth minister's family and marriage isn't healthy then there is no way your youth minister can minister to your students.
  • COMP TIME!  If your youth group is at camp for a week this means your youth pastor put in about 95 hours or more of work.  He has also taken a week away from his family.  Let him take some time off the next week, and not vacation time.
  • In 20 years of youth ministry a youth pastor will be gone from home about 52 weeks time.  Be understanding of family time.  
  • If it's not an emergency don't call on his day(s) off or in the evening, especially at supper time.
  • Paid vacations and medical benefits.  Help remove the financial stress.

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