Monday, May 21, 2012


Reasons for your son or daughter to go to church summer camp:
  1. Removal.  All the outside influences and distractions of life are removed.  No game boys, no texting, no media.  
  2. Saturation.  Everything in their schedule that was removed is now replaced with God, Bible study, prayer, worship.  
  3. Growth.  Because of the “removal” and “saturation” your son or daughter’s opportunity to grow spiritually is greatly increased.
  4. Decisions.  Life changing and life affecting decisions are made at camp because of the Removal, Saturation and Growth.
  5. Unity.  Just as we adults need that connection and encouragement that being a part of a local body of believers brings us the same applies to students.  Youth groups grow, youth groups gain momentum, youth groups become unified in purpose as a result of spending a week living out life and their faith together.  Friendships and relationships with other teen believers is VITAL to a teen's spiritual life in middle and high school.
  6. Fun.  I’ve been going to camp now with students for 20 years.  It’s getting harder on the old man to keep up the pace at camp.  BUT I can, with confidence, say that camp is fun.  The students have a blast together!
So why wouldn’t you send your teen to camp this summer?

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