Monday, August 23, 2010

Last Night At Contagious

Last night we had yet another great evening of doing youth group together on the beach. Summer is coming to a close and starting the middle of next month we move Contagious back to the church building and will say "so long" to the beach till next summer.

We are spending out summer traveling through the book of Colossians. Last night we were in Colossians 3:12-14. We looked last week of the sin stuff we need to get rid of in our lives and so last night we took a look at the replacements. The virtues we should be practicing in our lives.

We all have to replace things in our lives. Every couple of years it's time for a new cell phone so we replace it. Every couple of years, unless you own a Mac, you are replacing your PC or hard drive because it got a virus or you are tired of pressing "control, Alt, delete" all the time. So we are used to replacing things in our lives. Replacing the bad stuff with the good stuff is something we should always be looking to do.

Here's a snapshot of our lesson from last night:
Colossians 3:12-14

1. Put on your clothes!

Each day we get up and get dressed. We need to do the same with the virtues listed in verse 12. It is a daily decision to be compassionate, kind, humble (not a door mat but putting others first), gentle and patient. I don't have time to keep typing about patience let's hurrty to point #2.

2. Offer forgiveness.

Forgiveness is not telling someone that what they did to hurt you is okay. Forgiveness is not holding that against them any longer and allowing bitterness to take root in your own life. Forgive as Christ forgave.

3. Get the Glue.
Love binds all these virtues together along with the forgiveness. Without the love of Christ in your life you don't have "the glue".

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