Monday, November 23, 2009

Last Night at Contagious

Last night our students delivered food boxes to 8 families who are in need.  These families received everything they need to cook a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner.  Students brought in the potatoes, corn, green beans, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce.  Folks in the church donated the turkeys.  We delivered meals to one homeless family living in a hotel, several single moms, families with just a couple of family members all the way to families with 7 to 9 to feed.

After loading the boxes the students signed cards for the families and then spent time praying for the family before they left to deliver the box.  NHC also included some Food Lion gift cards in each box.

Students then returned to the building and talked about their mission outreach experience.  Then we had Hang Time together.  It was a great night teaching missions with a hands on experience.

Tomorrow I'll deliver two more meal boxes due to some confusion.  This was our first year to do this so we have learned a few things to make next year's Operation Turkey a smoother one.
Some things we picked up from last night's event:
  • Have a form for folks to submit families and then have one person responsible for processing those forms and organizing the info.
  • Have another person to call and let the family know that they will be receiving the groceries and ask for permission to drop the box by their home.
  • Assign two families per POD
  • Have directions for the drivers printed up on the back of the families info card.


ladybug said...

even though we got lost - we mad it to our family - the tears of joy on this woman's cheeks were enough for me to want to feed all of dare county. i can't help i'm italian - what a great experience

CFHusband said...


Rebecca Meyers said...

I agree. Awesomeness!

ZazFamily said...

Great job on teaching missins, and learning how to do it better!!

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