Monday, April 4, 2016

Back in the USA!

Our mission trip was a huge success!  We accomplished our goals.  When doing a mission trip it is good to set goals and then evaluate, this is the only way to know if the trip accomplished the purpose of the trip.

Our goals for the trip:

1.  Students to grow in their faith
2.  Students to grow as leaders
3.  To encourage the Camp Bahamas staff
4.  Our group to build stronger relationships
5.  Share the love/gospel of Jesus Christ

Our students shared on Thursday night during our team evaluation that they grew in their faith.  Some attributed the growth to the daily quiet time they had each day during the week.  Some said it was the fact that for 5 weeks they have been working through daily devotion books.  Others attributed their growth to the daily prayer journal they did each morning.

The team worked hard at whatever project they were assigned at the camp.  Leadership came into play at our park outreach in the afternoon.  Day one in the park the student floundered a bit, the adults on the team sat back to observe who would step up and lead.  That night we evaluated our day and how we could improve.  The next day the students dove right in and took charge at the park outreach.  Our outreach time was totally student planned and led.  The students grew as leaders.

We love the Camp Bahamas staff! At Camp Bahamas we were treated with incredible hospitality.  For us it was great to return a second year and spend time with the staff.  Our goal was to encourage the staff and to do whatever needed to be done at the camp with a servant’s heart.  Our team is already looking forward to returning next year.

When you spend a week together on any type of trip you either have drama or build stronger relationships.  Several of our team noted that their favorite part of the week was building relationships with others on the team.  The students who went on the trip are now closer than they were before they went on the trip.

The park outreach was our opportunity to share the gospel.  The students shared stories from the Bible and the last day they ended with sharing the story of Jesus Christ’s birth, life, death and resurrection.  The crafts each day tied in with the story as did the snacks.  The kids played different games in the park with the children.  An investment was made and the seed was planted.  I got the opportunity to witness to a young man and came to find out that he had put his faith in Jesus Christ at Camp Bahamas as a camper.

If you are looking for a great mission experience for your youth group, or even a group of adults, I would highly recommend Camp Bahama Missions.  You sleep right there on the campus in the cabins, they feed you great meals and take excellent care of your team while you are there.  They are super appreciative of the work teams do on their camp to help them better minister to the campers in the summer.  Contact Camp Bahamas for more information or shoot me an email and I can help you get started on your Eleuthera mission adventure.

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