Thursday, March 10, 2016

PACT Ministries

In full time ministry it can be hard sometimes to find someone to talk to, to really share your heart or your burden.  Often church members turn to their pastors in times when they need counsel or someone to speak into their lives but who do the pastors turn to?  I know there have been times in the past twenty one years where I have had to just keep something in to myself because I had no one to talk it out with.  That can be tough and there are times that we all need someone to talk things through or turn to for help.

Last week at Refuel retreat I met Matt and Lee of PACT Ministries.  Super nice guys who invest in the lives of youth ministers.  PACT and LeaderTreks have teamed up at Refuel retreats.  So Matt and Lee were there to minister to us.  They took time to sit with each of us during the retreat and talk with us and speak into our lives and help us.  Best part - FREE!  LeaderTreks was finding there were youth pastors coming to Refuel who needed someone to talk with and counsel them.  Brilliant idea!

PACT is an acrostic that stands for Prayer, Accountability, Care and Training.   PACT's purpose is to further God's kingdom by helping develop mature and complete youth ministers.  P.A.C.T. Ministry provides relationships, training and equipping for evangelical, full-time youth ministers helping them grow in their personal spiritual life, their family relationships and their student ministry through a unique combinations of highly effective, proven educational, relational, and experiential strategies.

 So if you are a youth pastor reading this and you need some help, some advice, some coaching, and someone to speak into your life then go to PACT's website and get more information and contact information.

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