Thursday, January 17, 2013

It Pays To Play

Recently I entered a caption on a caption contest with Download Youth Ministry.  Cha! Ching!
I received a discount coupon code for playing.  I get a steal of a deal on any of their products until Feb 1 when the coupon expires.
Just got all of this:
Follow-up info cards (Vol 1-5)
Salt and Light Challenge
Acts of Humility Discipleship Journal
Bible Institute: New Testament
Be Prayer Experience
Spiritual Ruts Devotional
Baptism Super Pack – $75
Instalife (2 weeks)
Stuff Jesus Didn’t Say (1-off)
Refuel (3 weeks)
Brainwashed (3 weeks)
Facebook Official (5 weeks)
5 Ways to Be Awesome (3 weeks)
11 vs the World (3 weeks)
LAUNCH (2 weeks)
3D (2 weeks)
Happily Ever After (2 weeks)
Secrets (1-off)
How to Raise Your Parents (3 weeks)
The REAL Jesus (2 weeks)
The Future is Now (5 weeks)
Student Leadership Application
5 Student Leadership Messages (5 weeks)
Easter Message (1 week)
Christmas Message (1 week)
Regularly $99 and I got it for less than $50!
All of this came in this bundle
This has been your youth ministry shoe string budget tip of the day brought to you by

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