Thursday, May 13, 2010

Interesting Article on Facebook Security

Sunday night I begin our Facebook series "The F Word".

Interesting article here about the security of Facebook.  Parent you may want to take a look.  Another great reason to monitor your child's activity on Facebook.  Know their password and login info?  You need to.  Know if their FB friends are real or not?  You need to take a look.

Is the Addyouthpastor anti-Facebook?  Absolutely not, I use it every day.

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Phil said...

I love Facebook. It helps me stay in touch with kids and adults in the church. As a volunteer I don't have a lot of unscheduled "hang time." But I can always to a virtual drop-in on Facebook.

I hate Facebook. Under the slick surface it's scammy and spammy. Your personal information is constantly harvested to feed online marketers. Kids are finally coming around to the idea that "what happens in Facebook doesn't stay in Facebook." But are adults?

Fortunately I think a more open and transparent Facebook alternative is just around the corner and maybe we can all mass-exodus.

Until then, here are the 50 x 170 settings and options you need to adjust to ensure your privacy on Facebook:

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