Friday, February 26, 2010

Rehashing what is done

Questioning the "purpose" after the fact is useless.

Recently while sitting in a local coffee shop I heard two senior gentlemen discussing a local park. I heard one say, "What is the purpose of the park? It's not for half pipes . . . ". So I assume they were a bit miffed that a local park now has a skate park for skaters. My guess these would be the same folks who would gripe that those danged kids are riding their skateboard on our sidewalks.

At what age do we choose to forget about the future generation? At what point do we decide that offering kids a safe alternative is a bad thing?

What cracked me up was the discussion was about something that is a done deal. We are talking the tons of concrete has been poured. So why gripe about something that can't be changed now?

This got me to thinking about the stories I hear from churches who are arguing over letting their youth group paint their youth room some other color than the church's standard color. Paint color doesn't matter. Let the students make the room their own. Perhaps then they will feel more comfortable bringing their friends. There are a lot of petty things that churches waste time debating and if they would turn that energy to reaching their community just imagine what could happen in the life of the church and their community.

Hopefully your churches purpose is clear. Then there is no need to argue about the church "after the fact".

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